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Updating a my.ACES Profile

Begin by logging in to with your netID credentials. Click the link for Biodata Profiles, then the button labeled Edit Biographical Data Form.

Edit Biographical Data Form button

This will take you to a listing of pages on which information can be entered. Links begin with General Information (Section 1-4) and go all the way to Biography, Statements, and Updates (Section F). You can progress straight through or edit each section independently. Enter all fields on a page, and then click Save once finished. Click Next to follow through to the next page.

For items in long lists, such as publications, use the following buttons:

  • Delete button Delete an item
  • Insert button Insert an item
  • Up button Move an item up in the list
  • Down button Move an item down in the list

Once finished with all changes, return to the main menu (Biodata Profiles) and click Submit your dataform.