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Adding Calendar Events

1. Add the event in Shared.

To add an event to the front page of your website, begin by clicking the ADD link on the heading for Calendar. You will be taken to the Adding Shared Content page on your website. Click the Add Shared Content link.

You are now leaving your website. Log into with your Shared credentials. You will be taken to the Create Shared Event form. Check the boxes for any category under which your event should appear. Enter all details of the event. Fields marked with * are required. Save once you are finished.

2. Import the event from Shared back to your website.

The newly made content now exists in Shared, but must be imported to your site. On your site, select Content Management -- Import Shared Content. On the next page, click the Import Shared Event Content button.

Import Shared Event button

After this step, the event should appear on your website's front page.