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Creating Pages

Log in to your Drupal site using the LOGIN button at the bottom right corner.

Content Management -- Create Content -- Page


Once logged in, find Content Management on the black bar that appears at the top of all pages.


Hover over the tab and find Create Content, which displays all content types available. Select Page. You will be brought to the Create Page form.


Page URL and Automatic Alias

A URL is what is typed into the top bar of the browser to go to a page. For example, is the URL for the campus homepage.

Keep the Automatic Alias box checked and Drupal will automatically create a page URL. With an automatic alias, your page’s URL will look something like this:

To make it easier for people to remember and access your page, you can uncheck the box and type a URL yourself. For example, if you type curriculum into the box, your page would instead be accessed at

Navigation Options

Click this only if you want this page to appear on the sidebar (under In This Section) or main dropdown link bar.

  • Menu Link Title is the text that will be displayed on the bar or sidebar, E.G.: Food Science Curriculum
  • Parent Item is the section that would contain your page. For example, if our link title is Food Science Curriculum, we would select Food Science as the parent item.
  • Weight orders menu items. A higher number sinks an item to the bottom of a menu.

Title and Body

Title is the largest heading that will appear at the top of the page. Body contains all of the page’s content. Further description of how to edit the body can be found under the editing pages section.